Administration is one of the most important component in a business that keeps all the other wheels turning; supporting other business functions to operate smoothly, flourish and generate revenue.

Why Outsource Administration Support Services?

  • Create a virtual administration team and expand your organization with a flexible service, without the necessary overhead costs, office space, or supplies
  • Focus on your core business and have confidence that your back-office processes are being effectively managed by a professional team.
  • Take advantage of this low risk opportunity for expansion.

Silberson Administration Support Services

Our highly skilled support team are available whenever you need administration support.

Services include:

  • HR Administration Support Services
    • Maintenance of Personnel Files and database
    • Upkeep of housekeeping of employee accommodation
    • Maintaining the validity of employees, legal documents
    • Arrange for Medical and social insurance
    • Provide logistic support to employees and families
    • Arrange for educational support for an employee’s family
    • Arrange for a visa for Saudi Arabia for employees
    • Arranging for business visas for concern authorities
  • General Business Administration Services
    • Filling different application forms
    • Maintain Filing system and document control.
    • Overviewing transportation
    • Sending and receiving faxes
    • Maintain the different work on spreadsheets
    • Preparation of different documents and proposals
    • Conducting translation services
Admin Support