Sending Staff to the Gulf : The Challenges

Sending temporary staff to the GCC countries (Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE) for a project can be very difficult. You need concise information on an unfamiliar jurisdiction like Saudi Arabia or Bahrain which is hard to find. You may face complicated issues, in addition to a host of problems you may not have even considered yet. To compound these difficulties, you’re likely under sizable time and budget constraints.

One of a company’s biggest concerns will be guaranteeing total compliance with tax requirements incl. income tax, social security, Payroll tax, VAT/Sales tax and Withholding taxes.  Another major concern will be your ability to secure the appropriate Work Permit for your employee. Employees need to be sponsored for a permit. All businesses operating in GCC countries must comply with Nationalization that requires companies to hire a particular ratio of local employees. For instance Companies in Saudi Arabia have to comply with the Saudization Ratio.

Silberson At Your Service

Silberson offers a comprehensive solution to these concerns, helping companies extend into the Gulf market and rapidly deploy expatriate resources. We as a management company operate as an outsourced employer. We sponsor your staff locally on our payroll in compliance to all government regulations. All local taxes and social security from the assignee’s pay at source are deducted, and then paid to the local tax authorities, thus reducing your administrative burden, while mitigating the business risks of employee secondment.

In a nutshell, we allow you to have dedicated, full time staff on the ground in all the GCC countries without having your own Commercial Registration or having an exclusive agent or partner. We serve businesses in all sectors and our valued services are unrivalled.

Advantages of Contract Staffing through Silberson

  • Our employee outsourcing service eliminates your legal responsibility and dramatically lessens your administrative load. This frees your company to devote its resources to higher value business objectives, and helps maintain consistency across borders.
  • We make sure that the employees that we deploy to work for our clients are the best in the industry and would deliver the best services.
  • One point of contact for the client – a relationship manager – who would serve as the interface and communicate the needs of the client
  • Employees are assured of statutory entitlements such as medical insurance, annual leave passage and compensation on par with local standards

If you need further assistance on sending your staff to any of the GCC countries please don’t hesitate to contact us.