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Saudi Arabia’s solar power project includes the world’s largest utility-scale battery

Saudi Arabia’s plan to start the world’s largest solar power project also brings many other large-scale items. It is a 100 times larger than any other solar project proposed in the world. largest utility-scale #battery What the experts say about storage batteries in solar panel projects The solar panels can produce a lot [...]

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Saudi Vision 2030 mapped out on a sector-by-sector basis

Saudi Arabia’s far-reaching long-term development plan, Vision 2030, takes center stage in a new report just produced by Oxford Business Group (OBG). The Report: Saudi Arabia 2016 provides in-depth analysis of the Kingdom’s ambitious plans to boost non-hydrocarbons growth, modernize the public sector and attract higher levels of foreign investment. Targets include raising non-oil [...]

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Saudi expedites plans to relax foreign investment restrictions

Saudi CMA will implement plans to allow foreign investors to own larger stakes in Saudi listed companies as early as the end of September 2016, ahead of the original timeline of June 2017. Other regulatory change includes lowering the required threshold for foreign institutions to invest in the Saudi stock market by reducing the value of assets they are required to manage. These moves are in preparation for the Saudi government’s planned public listing of 5 percent of Saudi Aramco on global stock exchanges.

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