Bahrain to Issue 10-year Renewable Residency Permit to Foreign Investors

Bahrain’s Crown Prince has given instructions to prepare draft legislation which will allow the foreign investors to have a self-sponsored residency permit for 10 years. It is vital for the country to advance in the tourism, ICT, manufacturing, and financial services, oil & gas sectors. With the advancement in these sectors, the foreign investors will be more attracted, and it will also increase employment opportunities in Bahrain.

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Saudi Arabia plans world’s largest solar power project starting this year

Saudi Arabia has been in the lime light ever since the Vision 2030 initiative. Saudi Arabia starts yet another plan towards building a new tech-savvy country. Saudi Arabia has planned to build the world’s largest solar power project. This project was announced recently after signing [...]

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Massajed – The Smartphone App for Mosques in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is always trying to go ahead with the technology. There have been recent improvements in every sector in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the Saudi Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia is giving the IT and the tourism sector a lot of importance. Just recently Saudi [...]

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Saudi Arabia’s First IoT (Internet of Things) Exhibition

Ever since the launch of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has tried hard to get ahead and progress alongside the progressive nations of the world. One of the major technologies in which advancement is must is the internet and the IT sector. Keeping in view the [...]

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Saudi Arabia’s Budget 2018: A Step Towards Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia is set to spend more next year. The new of the largest budget ever came out when King Salman announced the Budget 2018 on Tuesday. The Kingdom is all set to increase its expenditure to ensure Vision 2030. The increased government expenditure will [...]

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