Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 doesn’t seem to be a tough task for the Kingdom. With so many advancements made over the past year and more still going on, it is not far that the country will be one of the leading tourist spots in the world in a few years.


Tourism is one of the main aspects to which the Saudi Government is paying attention. The kingdom has many plans to increase the tourism and hospitality industry in the coming years. This year’s Saudi Budget also was a step forward for making the tourism one of the leading industries of the country. The government’s allocation of more budgets for tourism is already getting ahead.  Last week the country released its first high-speed train from Mecca to Medina.

Saudi Arabia was one of the countries where women did not take part in jobs. The past year it has been a revolution. The country has given driving license to the women, and now we see a rapid increase of women in the Tourism industry.

Women in tourism and hospitality

The increase in women in tourism is a step necessary for tourism. The tourism and hospitality industry cannot grow rapidly without women. Today many women are working in top rated five-star hotels as receptionists, managers, bookings, customer services, and more.

More posts for women in 2019

According to the Dean of Tourism and Hospitality College, at the KAU (King Abdul Aziz) University,

“In 2019, a special degree for females will be offered, and a tourism and hospitality major will form one of the specialties under the department of events management.”

He also added,

We have events management department for a female at KAU.

More women are studying in the universes and will be enrolled in future too. Women will get enrollment in Masters of English language degrees. It will help promote language and will decrease the language barrier between them and the tourists.

According to recruitment staff of Hilton Hotels,

Many women have taken jobs as guest relations, receptionists, and many administrative positions.

Saudi Arabia is developing more strategies for tourism. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the KSA.  In the coming years, people from all over the world will come in Saudi Arabia for tourism as they now go to Dubai or Qatar.

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