The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the spotlights, not because of the oil exports or other political issues, but the Saudi Vision 2030. The kingdom has taken some series of serious steps towards empowerment of women over the past year. The Saudi government is trying hard to give women more rights and freedom just like other countries. It is all thanks to the crown prince’s vision 2030 program. It is a program which will boost the economy of the country by lifting bans on various activities. Till now the program has been successful. The Saudi Government has also given a lot of thought to sports and tourism and also making women part of these activities.

Women spectators in football stadiums

Over the years there have been a lot of restrictions for women being part of public events. Women were not allowed to participate freely in the events. But the recent steps for the country’s growth have shown a lot of encouragement for women. One of the steps that the KSA took was to lift the ban on women entering the football stadiums.

The government announced that the ongoing Saudi Pro League would allow women to see the matches. The first of which took place on Friday 12 January. The women will also attend the second match on Saturday 13 January and the third match which will take place on 18 January 2018.

The Female Fans are excited

One of the spectators who watched the first match expressed,

“This is wonderful for us Saudi women…”

She also added saying that it is a big positive step for achieving the vision 2030. Lifting bans on women and making them part of major activities in the country will prove to be fruitful.

Another female spectator said,

“This was my first football match that I’ve ever attended, and it has been such a fun experience! I’ll always remember tonight. I salute our government for granting us these rights, and I can’t wait to attend again next week!”

The sports federation will have more benefit as now the tickets for women will also be sold. In the past, only men were allowed. Now that women also buy tickets, the sports in Saudi Arabia will also be alleviated. The fans will now enjoy the games more. It is also good for tourism. The foreigner women who like to see some sports are now also welcome in the stadiums. It will prove more beneficial and will certainly help the economy.

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