Saudi Arabia’s plan to start the world’s largest solar power project also brings many other large-scale items. It is a 100 times larger than any other solar project proposed in the world.

largest utility-scale #battery

largest utility-scale #battery

What the experts say about storage batteries in solar panel projects

The solar panels can produce a lot of electricity, but it is the storage which gives control. If the solar power projects around the world do not have large utility scale batteries to store the electricity, it will be a waste.

According to Logan Goldie-Scot who is a San Francisco-based energy storage analyst, “storage adds control.

According to Ravi Manghani, an energy analyst at GTM Research, “it is possible that by the end of 2018 every solar project in the US will ask for batteries for storage. It means that the country will embark on a battery boom.”

Many large solar developers in the US such as NextEra Energy Inc. are proposing to include storage units in the future solar power projects.

According to Matthew McGovern CEO of Cypress Creek Renewables, they have installed batteries on 12 solar farms this year.

The $200 billion solar power plan includes batteries

Last week Saudi Arabia announced world’s largest solar power project. According to the resources, the budget of $200 billion for the project will cover the solar panels, battery storage and the manufacturing plants to make the solar panels. With such a large project which will produce 200 GigaWatts of electricity, they need a large utility battery. These will be some of the largest utility batteries ever made.

Solar panels are being used all around the world. The growth of solar panels is not too much because of its day-time limit. Also, the cost of batteries to store electricity produced by these solar panels is very high. The prices of the batteries are always increasing. The solar markets around the world from China to California are always trying to create affordable batteries. Without these batteries, the solar markets such as the US cannot store electricity for the night time when the demand is at its peak.

The largest solar power project

The installation of utility batteries is not only taking place in China or the US, but with Saudi Arabia’s world’s largest solar power project it will also require some large storage facilities. According to BNEF, the project will include total solar panels that the entire world has been using as of now. The total number of panels produced by the photovoltaic industry last year worldwide will be equal to the panels this project includes. With such a large number of panels producing 200 GigaWatts of electricity, the project will need large storage.

The key feature of the project – largest utility-scale storage battery

SoftBank’s founder, Masayoshi Son, told that the key feature of the project would be the construction of the “largest utility-scale battery.” The construction will be complete in the next two to three years.


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