Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya will be one of its kind theme parks. It will attract more than 15 million tourists once it is completed. The purpose is not just to provide fun for children and adults both, but also to generate business. The crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman launched the project earlier this week saying that it is one of the three Saudi Giga-projects.

It will not only provide entertainment for the citizens but also serve as a tourist spot for people around the world.

The Qiddiya – the world’s largest theme park

It will be a 334 square kilometer entertainment resort which is one hour drive from the capital, Riyadh. It will include 6 Flags theme park, asphalt tracks for motor sports, water parks, outdoor activities such as safari experiences, snow-based recreational areas, and also vacation homes. The project will also capable to host international sports events. It is expected to be the world’s largest theme park by 2030.




It will surpass the Walt Disney in USA which is only 110 square Km. The projects aim is to satisfy all the recreational and social needs of the people who visit the site.

What will the project provide?

The project is one of the three biggest projects which aim for the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It will contribute up to 17 billion Saudi Riyals by 2030. According to the statistics, the project will increase the number of visitors to 17 million by 2030; it will increase 12 million in the shopping sector and 2 million in the hospitality sector. It will provide more than 57000 jobs for the locals. It will also open new opportunities for private sectors.

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