Sales and demand conditions are expected to rise as restrictions are lifted, international flights began to operate again, and foreign visitors are entering the country as tourist venues reopened. Though the recovery is being considered as a sign of post-COVID revival, a strong economic rebound is still a long way to go

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As lockdowns ease around the world, authorities in Bahrain have also allowed private employers to hire employees from abroad. Employers can now apply for new work permits as The Labor Market Regulatory Authority will start accepting applications for new employees from 9th August 2020 after a five-month suspension.

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Bahrain to Issue 10-year Renewable Residency Permit to Foreign Investors

Bahrain’s Crown Prince has given instructions to prepare draft legislation which will allow the foreign investors to have a self-sponsored residency permit for 10 years. It is vital for the country to advance in the tourism, ICT, manufacturing, and financial services, oil & gas sectors. With the advancement in these sectors, the foreign investors will be more attracted, and it will also increase employment opportunities in Bahrain.

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Important Update: Reduction in Saudi Visit Visa Fee

Saudi Arabia has reduced visit visa fee for selected countries including Russia, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina, Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Ireland, Albania, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey etc.

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Saudi Arabia’s Qidiyya – Largest theme park in the World

Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya will be one of its kind theme parks. It will attract more than 15 million tourists once it is completed. The purpose is not just to provide fun for children and adults both, but also to generate business. The crown prince Muhammad [...]

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Saudi Arabia plans world’s largest solar power project starting this year

Saudi Arabia has been in the lime light ever since the Vision 2030 initiative. Saudi Arabia starts yet another plan towards building a new tech-savvy country. Saudi Arabia has planned to build the world’s largest solar power project. This project was announced recently after signing [...]

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Massajed – The Smartphone App for Mosques in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is always trying to go ahead with the technology. There have been recent improvements in every sector in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the Saudi Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia is giving the IT and the tourism sector a lot of importance. Just recently Saudi [...]

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